Top tips to heat your home more effectively this Autumn!

Well, we hate to say it, but it’s going to get colder. According to several weather forecasts, temperatures across the UK are set to see lows in single figures over the next couple of weeks. It may be time to turn the heating on? During this energy crisis, we have come up with some energy saving tips in order for you to save this Autumn/Winter.


Buy thick curtains – having thicker curtains helps both reduce the amount of colder air coming in and hot air escaping. The thicker the material, the more heat will be contained. Also, tuck your curtains behind your radiator to stop even more heat escaping.

Cover up exposed pipes – exposed pipes allow for heat to escape easily. Try covering them in an insulating material to maximise their efficiency.

Only heat the room you spend the most time in – Heating rooms in your home that you don’t spend much time in will not only be a waste of energy, but also a waste of your money.

Cover up draughts – you can lose a lot of heat from gaps in your doors and window frames. Make sure you fill in these gaps with a draught proof material, such as draught-proof strips or even just a thick cloth for a quick solution.



Dry your clothes on the radiator – Drying clothes on your radiator will block the heat from dispersing through the room and will have to be left on much longer to have the same effect without a blockage.

Don’t place large pieces of furniture in front of your radiator – Blocking your radiator with furniture, such as a sofa or a table, will stop the flow of warm air. This blockage will cause your boiler to work harder to heat your home, resulting in expensive heating bills.

If you have a fireplace in your home, that’s another opening to the outside. Fireplaces can be a major source of lost heat, so your heating tips for the Autumn should include making sure that doesn’t happen.

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