How to Choose an Estate Agent

How to Choose an Estate Agent

There is no doubt that deciding on the right agent to manage your property can be daunting. This is not surprising given the number of property agents out there. If you want to have firsthand experience of this just do a simple search of agents on, you will see the results yourself. In order…

Getting the Most Out of Viewings (Part 1)

Getting the Most Out of Viewings (Part 1)

When planning to buy a property, it is important to conduct viewings of different properties available in your choice locations before deciding on the most suitable one. Usually you will need the service of an estate agent to make the viewing process easy for you. Meanwhile, before deciding on which agent is best, you can…

The Advantages of Renting a Property

The advantages of renting a property

Given the high costs of property on the Isle of Man, renting may be a perfect option for you. Renting a property offers a wide range of flexibility, especially in terms of proximity to workplaces. The following are some of the benefits of renting a property: Since tenancy allows you to start from as little…

The Advantages of Buying a Property

The advantages of buying a property

Although buying a personal lived-in property comes with a lot of advantages, the idea is not for everyone. Therefore, before deciding to buy your own home, it’s important to first consider the benefits of doing so as against its disadvantages. Benefits to Buying a Property Owning a home gives you full control to adjust the…

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

decluttering tips

Decluttering your home can be an enormous undertaking, one that feels really daunting to even think about. That’s why we have accumulated these five steps that will help you to declutter your home in a jiffy. Be prepared for the war against clutter! Start off by creating a list of all the areas you are planning…

An Introduction to Conveyancing

Conveyancing Isle of Man

Simply put, conveyancing is the overall procedure from putting in an offer to buy a property to buying the property and becoming the legal owner. It is all the processes involved in transferring a property’s legal title from an old owner to new one. What does a conveyancer do? A conveyancer, also known as a…