Our Top Property Viewing Tips

It’s difficult to build a clear picture of a property in a single viewing, which is why most house-hunting experts recommend making 2 (or more) visits to a prospective new home. On your first viewing, you’re more likely to be influenced by your heart, rather than your head. This isn’t always a bad thing, since…

The Advantages of Buying a Property

The advantages of buying a property

Although buying a personal lived-in property comes with a lot of advantages, the idea is not for everyone. Therefore, before deciding to buy your own home, it’s important to first consider the benefits of doing so as against its disadvantages. Benefits to Buying a Property Owning a home gives you full control to adjust the…

An Introduction to Conveyancing

Conveyancing Isle of Man

Simply put, conveyancing is the overall procedure from putting in an offer to buy a property to buying the property and becoming the legal owner. It is all the processes involved in transferring a property’s legal title from an old owner to new one. What does a conveyancer do? A conveyancer, also known as a…