A Guide to Tenancy Terms (Part 1)

A Guide to Tenancy Terms

Searching for a rental property can feel challenging, and it isn’t made any simpler by the fact that tenancy agreements come loaded with a range of unfamiliar terms. To make things easier, we’ve put together this guide to some of the jargon that tenants find most confusing. You should also check out our post on…

How to Find a Property to Rent

How to Find a Property to Rent

One great advantage of the internet for the property industry is the fact that it now makes it easy for people to find rented properties. Landlords and their agents can now list their properties online. The process allows you to easily find property that meets your needs. The problem, however, is that choosing from the…

The Advantages of Renting a Property

The advantages of renting a property

Given the high costs of property on the Isle of Man, renting may be a perfect option for you. Renting a property offers a wide range of flexibility, especially in terms of proximity to workplaces. The following are some of the benefits of renting a property: Since tenancy allows you to start from as little…