Fresh Ways to Achieve Summer Show Home Style

Fresh Ways to Achieve Summer Show Home Style

After completing your spring clean, what next? It’s time to start freshening up your decor in preparation for the new season.

Of course, summer offers you a new opportunity to make fresh statements in your home. It gives you the perfect opportunity to take care of both your outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s time to flood your home with natural and appealing light as well as enhance your environment with touches of nature.

How does it work? Read on as we share with you a few hints and tips on how you can give your home a feel of nature!

Colour Me Happy

The importance of colour in a house can never be overemphasised. In fact, colour is the first thing to consider when planning a room makeover – whatever the size, small or large.

Hint: If you want your home to stay up to date with the seasons, use fresh soft neutrals for your base and then add bursts of colour that reflect the time of year.

If you’re looking to create a sophisticated guest bedroom, try adding dusky pinks across crisp white bed linen.

Naturally Stylish

If you want to enjoy an avalanche of compliments from your guests when they come visiting this summer, then consider using textures from nature in the home. Summer months, arguably, are the time of the year when the natural world is at its most striking. Thus, summer is the best time to naturally style your home with nature textures.

Hint: When trying to find the right combination of texture for your room, we recommend that you choose linen fabrics. These fabrics will work beautifully against any neutral backdrop and as well feel classic on soft furnishings like cushions and headboards.

For a naturally stylish kitchen, you can make use of natural stone and clean white ceramics or marble to make it really luxurious. The dining area can be made with real wood complemented with chalky paint finishes to give an elegant look. You can also add wicker or woven material to create a natural or country feel.

Outdoors Meet Indoors

Your outdoor and indoor decor should make a complementary statement. Your interior should blend seamlessly with your garden.

Hint: You can blend the indoors of your home with the outdoors by bringing in fresh flowers and foliage from the garden. Add stems of greenery in a simple glass vase to create a naturally and effortlessly stylish look on your dining table. Then, you can grace your bedside with a timeless addition of understated arrangements of white flowers.

Home Grown Wonders

Talk of killing two birds with one stone! Yes, you can turn your outdoor space, window box and kitchen shelf to your mini garden where you can grow your own herbs. There is no doubt that cooking and eating personally grown herbs can bring untold joy to you and your kids. Home grown herbs can also bring a splash of greenery as well as an alluring scent into your home on a summer afternoon. That’s allowing nature to feed you and beautify your home at the same time.

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