Signs That You Need to Upsize (Part 1)

Signs That You Need to Upsize

Now that we’re deep into the winter months, we tend to spend more of our time indoors, so it’s not surprising that this is the season when many of us feel a little claustrophobic. Suddenly, we can become aware of the fact that our homes are cramped or overcrowded, and get itchy feet as we think about moving on to somewhere larger.

Size is one of the main influencing factors when people search for a new home. But even though the idea of extra square footage is attractive, buyers often ask whether it’s really worth the extra cost. The simple reality is, buying a larger home is not only beneficial immediately, but also has advantages in the longer term, especially if your family is growing or you need to accommodate guests.

We spoke with buyers who’ve taken the plunge and upsized, in order to find out what motivated their moves, and how things are turning out.

John’s Story, Reason for Move: Extra Accommodation for Guests

With families increasingly living further apart, it’s more and more common to find cases of buyers who want larger homes so they can comfortably accommodate visiting relatives. There’s a big difference between being able to offer a guest a room of their own, and simply providing a space on the sofa! But it’s not only about the sleeping arrangements, and having an extra guest or two can make the whole property feel more crowded – with access to bathrooms and control of the TV being common pinch points!

John, a solicitor from Ramsey, has family in Canada who visit the Isle of Man a couple of times a year. After a decade living in a small flat, he took the leap and upsized in order to gain an extra bedroom. Looking back, he’s confident that he made the right decision, and feels that the extra cost was well worth it.

‘After years of putting people up on a fold-out sofa-bed, I decided it was time to move. It wasn’t a radical change, just the switch from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom flat – but the difference it’s made when my family come over is huge. The best part is being able to offer guests a real bed, and now my dad, who’s 72 and has back problems, can stay here rather than paying for a hotel room.’

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