5 Ways to Make Your Home More Luxurious

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious

Are you looking to give your room a face-lift? If so, you’ve just landed on the right page. Truth is, you don’t have to empty your savings before you can give your home that impressive eye-catching detail.

There are simple, pocket-friendly ways to make your home more luxurious. You can achieve this simply by adding a few carefully placed accessories, colours and fabrics to strategic locations within your home. This can help give your home that worthy and impressive look and feel you’ve been craving.


If you want to create a luxurious room, you can simply place metallic accessories like a gold drinks tray or a statement mirror in strategic places in the room. This can instantly make your room look more luxurious and stylish, yet functional.

Hint: You can complement your room’s look with this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, ‘Greenery’, through the addition of a statement plant. This can help bring the outdoors inside, in a more luxurious way.


Your room can have that luxury hotel look simply by adding a variety of textures and finishes. For example, you can add luxurious fabrics to your room. This gives your bedroom a comfy but stylish haven that feels great against your skin.

Tip: Use thick pile towels in your bathroom and add luxurious fabrics to curtains, carpets as well as soft furnishings.


You can use your favourite family photographs to create a personal ‘wall of fame’ in your home. This can bring real luxury to your home as well as providing eye-catching details for your guests.

Hint: You can place family pictures in a mix of metallic and dark wooden frames to be hanged on a statement coloured wall.


Colour is one of the favourite tools used in the home and property industry for adding aesthetic value to homes. Property owners can use carefully selected colour to make their homes more luxurious. Colour can also be used to add aesthetic values to home furniture and accessories.

Hint: You can use the trending shades of stone, praline and green enhanced with metallic tones to enhance your home.


The right combinations of lighting in a room speaks volumes about luxury. In order to make a stylish statement in your home, you can use a statement pendant over your dining table to create a focal point, while adding a dimmer switch to control the mood.

Tip: Use beautiful lamps and well-placed candles to create a perfect illuminating effect in your room.

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